A GLM|LIC project launches high-resolution dataset of India
The GLM|LIC project Urban Geography of Entrepreneurship and Growth in India led by Paul Novosad (Dartmouth College) and Sam Asher (the World Bank), has recently launched The Socioeconomic High-resolution Rural-Urban Geographic Platform for India (SHRUG), facilitating data sharing between researchers working on India. The repository includes a comprehensive set of data comprising of India's 500,000 villages, 8000 towns, and 4000 legislative assemblies and spanning over the past 25 years. The datasets are publically-available and designed for researcher’s accessibility to high-resolution socioeconomic data as well as giving space for communication, linking and sharing of data. One interesting study out of this project investigates the impacts of a high-scale national rural road construction program in India on village labour and goods markets, see the policy brief here.